Working on my fitness

Back in December I signed up with Steve Poynter, an online trainer from, so that I could work towards meeting some of my fitness goals. Because I hadn’t been lifting weights regularly, he suggested I do the workouts from his beginner’s program until I was ready to start the program I paid for, which was Psychotic Fat Destruction (PFD). I’m actually glad he suggested that because when I take long breaks from strength training, it takes a little time for me to get my confidence back in the weight room. Even though I’ve used the machines and free weights numerous times, the room itself can be intimidating. I always feel like I’m being watched/judged. But hey, even if I am, I really shouldn’t let that keep me from doing what I need to do.

Anyway, I told myself I would do the beginner’s workout for four weeks and then start on PFD. So after this week, I’ll be starting my new workout program. I’m actually pretty excited since I’ve heard good things about the program and seen some of the transformations from individuals who have finished the program. When it comes to working out, I have no problem getting the workouts in. The problem for me is…………my eating. I have a pretty big sweet tooth and find it extremely hard to say no to sugar. It’s an ongoing battle and I am working hard to not rely on sugar so much.

I find that when I make it a point to food prep for the week, I don’t stray as much during my meals. Consistency is key and I haven’t been very consistent lately. There are so many healthy recipes pinned on my Pinterest boards, there is no reason why I can’t come up with meal ideas each week. Healthy snacks are a must have too since most of the things my co-workers bring aren’t the healthiest. The women I work with love to bake! Right now my favorite snacks are cottage cheese with strawberries and boiled eggs. So, my goal for this weekend is to plan out some meals for next week and make them on Sunday (haha, probably during the Super Bowl).

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I’m only watching for the commercials since my team didn’t even make the playoffs :-). I’ll also be watching some of the Puppy Bowl.

Anyone have some great snack ideas? (Disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan of almonds, but I try to eat them sometimes)


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