Back to the grind

Ahh back to work today! I had a great weekend so going back to work today isn’t so bad.

On Saturday morning I met up with one of my running groups and we all did the Culver City stairs. According to one of the ladies, there are 289 stairs. I ended up doing more than I’d originally planned since when I arrived at the location, I went the wrong way. I ended up hiking a huge hill and bypassing the stairs completely, lol. Once I was at the top of the hill I realized I was also at the top of the stairs. I eventually went back down and did the stairs because that was the whole reason I drove all the way out there. I will definitely do them again and next time I’ll go up at least two times.


The rest of my weekend was pretty low-key. My boyfriend was off both Saturday and Sunday so it was nice to spend time with him. We went to see The Seventh Son (it was ok) and watched several episodes of Parks & Rec. I’m almost done with season 3. All the characters crack me up.

Did anyone watch the Grammys last night? I recorded them so while I haven’t seen the performances yet, I did read that Sam Smith won four Grammys! Congrats to him! Hopefully I can watch the recording tonight.

This upcoming week is going to be pretty busy. I work every day including Saturday and Sunday but I still plan on getting my workouts in and of course getting my reading in. I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to the audiobook for A Dragonfly in Amber and it’s really good.

Have a great day!


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