E-books vs. Print books

Happy Friday! I totally meant to write another post earlier this week but I didn’t really have a chance to compose one. Ideally I’d like to post every other day or two but I know there will be times when that just doesn’t happen. But hey, it’s my blog so I can make my own rules right? 🙂 I had a busy week and it’s not done yet. I have to work all weekend so while most people look forward to Friday, today it’s just another day for me. No biggie, I like my jobs so working on the weekend really isn’t that bad.

Anyway, the topic of this post is e-books vs. print books. Before I received my first Kindle back in 2011, I was all about print books. At the time, my main argument against e-books and e-readers was that I enjoyed the feel of a physical book in my hands and I liked the smell of books. The smell of books is still wonderful but I definitely tend to read more e-books these days. The convenience of carrying multiple books on my Kindle is the best. My Kindle is always in my purse and the Kindle app on my phone and iPad sync where I left off. That comes in handy when I’m waiting in line at the store. I don’t even really mind anymore when I have to wait for appointments since it allows me to get some reading time in.

Right now, most of the books on my bookcase are Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) from my last three library conferences. Each time I go to a conference, I tell myself not to take any of the books the publishers are offering. You can see how well that has worked out for me:


Since I have so many ARCs, one of my resolutions this year is to read more of them. Most of the ones I have are already published but that’s not a problem for me.

Something I struggle with when it comes to reading is not being able to leave a book unfinished. That (bad?) habit is why it took me two years to finish reading Anna Karenina. Instead of just reading the book straight through, I kept reading other books instead. I’d come back to Anna Karenina, read a little bit, and then find something else that was more interesting to me. I probably should have just watched the movie instead. But of course that is another issue, I won’t watch a movie based on a book until I’ve actually read the book.

Which book format do you prefer?

Do you have a list of books you weren’t able to finish?


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