Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday!

The weeks seem to be flying by, March is almost here which means it’s almost time to Spring forward. I hate when it gets dark super early so I’m looking forward to the time change. The time change will allow me to get some workouts in outside, even on the nights I work late.

I only work a short shift on Saturday and then I have the rest of the weekend free. Saturday night I’m going to watch a college basketball game, University of Washington vs. USC. The tickets were my boyfriend’s Christmas gift since he is from Washington and follows both Huskies football and basketball. The basketball team hasn’t been doing too well lately so I hope they don’t lose. Sunday I’ll be participating in my first fantasy baseball draft. I’m still wondering why I agreed to play but it’s too late now, all the teams have been set. I do enjoy baseball, but aside from my favorite team, I don’t pay too much attention to the other players. Time to look for a cheat sheet.

I mentioned last week that on Fridays, many of the blogs I follow usually post about things and products they’re enjoying. Today I’m going to jump in and do the same.

Trivia Crack


I love a good trivia game and Trivia Crack doesn’t disappoint! You can play against friends or random people. There are two different types of games you can play, classic or challenge. I’ve mostly been playing the classic game, where I have to collect the 6 characters before my opponent. Game is available on four different platforms: iOS, Android, Facebook, and Amazon Go check it out!


Yesterday in Sun City, Arizona a couple of llamas escaped from who-knows-where and were chased around the city. At the time, I was at home on my lunch break and had a chance to see Twitter erupt. The tweets and memes were hilarious. Below is a video uploaded by one of Arizona’s local news stations:

Parks & Rec


I jumped on the Parks and Recreation band wagon super late so I’m barely on season 4 but I love the show! It doesn’t take much to make me laugh but I love the characters on this show with Ron, Tommy, and Donna being my favorites. The series finale aired this past Tuesday so I’m sad that there won’t be anymore episodes.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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