Hot Chocolate 15k


Next Sunday is my 15k and as I’ve mentioned before I’m not as prepared as I should be. However, that won’t keep me from having fun both during the race and after the race, while in the city of San Diego. My plan is to head out there early Saturday afternoon so I can pick up my bib and then just relax and hang out in my hotel. I’m a little worried that it will be pretty warm since the race doesn’t start until 7:40am. This is my 3rd year participating in this race but it will be the first year they give out medals.

This medal will be added to my growing collection:


I had a 2lb loss last week and I hope to have another loss when I weigh in again next week. BUT, what usually happens after a loss is self-sabotage. Don’t want that to happen.

Recently my friend Jamila asked if I’d like to participate in a 28-day jumpstart challenge with her and some friends and of course I said yes. At this point I’m willing to try something new to get back into clean eating. The challenge starts on Monday, March 16th. This particular challenge is mainly focused on eating better so it won’t interfere with my PFD workouts.

Speaking of PFD, I recently started phase 3 which focuses on more reps during each set. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do this phase for 3 weeks instead of the normal 2 weeks since this past week I didn’t get all the workouts in. There is still one more day left in the week but I’d feel better if I did an extra week just to make up for the workouts I missed.


Last night I finally watched Big Hero 6 and while I enjoyed the movie, there was a part that caught me completely by surprise! If you’ve seen the movie I’m sure you’ll know which scene I’m referring to. All I can say is, really Disney?? Aside from that, the movie was really cute and I can’t help but think there may be sequel someday.

Have a great weekend!


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