Recap: Hot Chocolate 15k


So, I completed my 3rd 15k on Sunday and while it wasn’t my best performance due to my lack of preparation, I still had a lot of fun. I swear it seems as though they add more hills to the course each year! (They really don’t, but it sure does feel like it)

Anyway, on Saturday I ended up heading to San Diego later than expected but I still made it to the expo with a couple of hours to spare. Usually I’ll browse the different booths but this time I just went in, picked up my bib and sweatshirt, and left. After leaving the expo, I headed to my hotel to drop of my stuff. Surprise of the day:


When I checked in, the front desk attendant told me I was the guest of the day! Do you know what I received? An upgrade to the executive suite! It’s a shame I was only staying for the night. The suite had a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. The jacuzzi tub had jets and I sure did use it that night and after I got back from the race.  After relaxing in the room for a bit, my boyfriend and I went to get some food so I could get some carbs in my system.

Race Day

The race was scheduled to start at 7:40am and it was recommended runners get there by 6:30am. I didn’t leave the hotel until 6:30 since I was only a mile away from Petco Park. Once I arrived at the park, I couldn’t find my friends so I just hung out in my assigned corral. So lonely! Ironically enough, when the race started, I ran into one of my librarian friends. I knew she was going to be there but I wasn’t sure which corral she was in so it was nice to see a familiar face.


The race started on time and there were 3 minutes between corrals. Since I was in the last corral, it was about 15 minute before my time officially started. My original goal was to use my Gym Boss timer to do run/walk intervals, 1 minute walk, 1 minute run. Didn’t take long before I started ignoring the timer since I didn’t want to run up the hills. Later I changed it to 2 minutes walk, 1 minute run but even that didn’t work out towards the end. You guys, the hills were killer! It seemed as though I was on an incline every quarter-mile.

My average pace was over 15 minutes per mile which for me is not good. But hey, I knew going in this wasn’t going to be my best performance. I finished and that’s what matters. On the way towards the finish line, I ran into a girl named Amber who I ran into LAST year around the same area. Small world, right?

I should have had my boyfriend take a picture of me with my medal after I finished but I was just ready to head back to the hotel so I could relax for a bit. I took my medal and chocolate fondue and headed to the car.

Post Race

Before the race even started I was already thinking about my post-run meal, lol. We went to Hodad’s on 10th & Broadway after hearing about the restaurant on the Travel Channel. At this point I was so hungry I wanted to order everything but I ended up getting a mini bacon-cheeseburger with fries and a strawberry shake.  Since I burned over 1,500 calories during the race, I gave myself a pass on the meal. I only finished the burger and bf took the left over fries. Even though I took most of the shake to-go, after eating the burger and some fries, I was too full to finish it.

The food was delicious and I enjoyed the upbeat atmosphere. Next time I’m in San Diego I will definitely eat there again.

Another successful race and another medal to add to my collection 🙂


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