28 Day Jumpstart: Week 1

I’m a bit late doing the week 1 recap of the 28 Day Jumpstart….haha I’m almost done with week 2!

I truly feel as though I did really well during the first week. Most of my meals came from the suggested recipes and I made sure to drink a ton of water. Right now my favorite thing about this challenge is how easy and quick the meals are. Most nights I don’t get home from work until after 8 or 9pm so quick meals are my best friend.

Normally at work I’m tempted by all types of treats but this week there weren’t too many available (thank goodness) so I was able to get through the workday with my own stash of healthy snacks.

Now, this past Tuesday I did my weekly weigh-in and you know what? I flippin’ gained! Not sure what happened but even though I gained, I still lost 2 inches. How does that work? I did more cardio than usual including two spin classes. I know you’re not supposed to put all your faith in the scale but it is still super frustrating to be disappointed like that, especially since I was so proud of my eating for the week.

I’m thinking about skipping next week’s weigh-in and just focusing on non-scale victories, like inches and how my clothes feel. We’ll see, sometimes I can’t help but see what the scale will say.

Anyway, that’s all for now!


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