Rock ‘n Roll Races

Hello, hello!

Things didn’t go as planned yesterday so I didn’t do my Friday Favorites. Lol, oh well, I can make my own rules.

My friend/co-worker told me about the 3-race TourPass that she purchased for the Rock ‘n Roll race series and that pretty much sealed the deal about me doing the Las Vegas race. The pass is $199 and considering the Las Vegas race alone is currently $135, I definitely need to take advantage of that price. I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I’m excited to start running! Yesterday and today have been kinda sucky so I’m looking forward to going for a run after work today.

This is the last week of my 28 Day Jumpstart and it’s been my worst week as far as eating! Only the last couple days have been questionable but it still frustrates me since I have been letting emotions get in the way of my healthy eating habits. I had Starbucks twice this week and fast food twice. It’s only a couple days but man, I need to do better.

Ok, work is over now so I’m headed to the gym. Have a great weekend, my friends. 


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