Review: Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell


While investigating the case of a missing woman, Dr. Scarpetta is also involved in testifying for the defense in a case involving another missing woman. At first glance the two cases do not have any common connections but that changes as the story goes on. The ruthlessness of the crimes is what kept me reading.

I’m glad I’ve been able to catch up on the Scarpetta series. This particular one was pretty good, especially because there was some conflict between Dr. Scarpetta and another woman who was interested in her husband. I enjoy a little relationship drama from time to time. Since I’ve been a fan of Dr. Scarpetta for a long time, it was easy to instantly dislike this particular woman. There’s suspicion on Dr. Scarpetta’s end because she has no idea if anything has happened between them.

There were times when the story lagged a bit but for the most part I enjoyed it. I know there have been complaints on Goodreads regarding the latest Scarpetta novels but I really haven’t found a problem with them. I’m not overly critical either though so that could be why. Unless I absolutely hate a book, I’ll find some enjoyment in it.

Next up in the Scarpetta series, Dust.


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