Hello, June!



May has come and gone and I’m excited for the new month ahead. Of course, a new month means new goals! It’s even better that the start of the new month starts on a MONDAY. June is a busy month. My family and I will be celebrating my mom’s retirement after 35 years, my brother and his family will be out here to celebrate my nephew’s 1st birthday, and I’m going to San Francisco for the American Library Association’s Annual Conference. Fun times ahead!

I’ve been thinking about my June goals and here is what I have so far (they’re not just fitness related):

* Meet my daily water goals — I’m supposed to drink 100oz. I’m always falling short and my plants on Plant Nanny are always near death.

Complete the June Fitbit Challenge, 150 miles

* Blog at least once a week

* Complete the Fitkini Body Challenge

* Track ALL meals, snacks, drinks in my journal

* Limit the sweets (this is an ongoing goal since I can’t seem to stay away from them)

I’ll probably add a few more goals to the list but those are my main ones right now.

What are your June goals?


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