Review: Rat Queens Volume One: Sass and Sorcery


I bought this graphic novel several months ago and I finally read it yesterday. I’d meant to start it much sooner but I kept reading other stuff. Anyway, that being said, I absolutely loved this book. It’s full of sass (obviously), snark, and violence. Volume One consisted of 5 chapters and as soon as I finished reading, I immediately wanted to get Volume Two.

The Rat Queens consist of Hannah, Violet, Dee, and Betty (my favorite). They are a group of foul-mouthed women who live in a medieval-fantasy world and don’t take crap from anyone. In Volume One, someone has hired an assassin to kill them and they need to figure out who it is.

I think the reason I liked this so much was the characters weren’t your typical, cookie-cutter type characters. Dee is a healer who doesn’t believe in any type of deity, Betty is a halfling who is totally ok with eating candy for dinner, Hannah is an elven magician with necromancer parents, and Violet is a dwarven warrior who used to have a beard and has a twin brother. Also, they all have different body types! Yes!

**side note — I’m fairly new to comics and graphic novels so some of these terms are pretty new to me, lol**

I plan on buying Volume Two tomorrow afternoon or maybe even tonight if the comic book store is still open after I get off work.


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