Body Image Insecurities


I went out to dinner with my boyfriend last night and I had a great time. Since it’s so rare that I wear dresses whenever we go out, I decided to wear this black, strapless dress I bought in Vegas a few years ago. It’s not too fancy so it was perfect for the occasion. After dinner we went walking around downtown Riverside and since it was Friday night there were a lot of people out.

Whenever I am out and about wearing jeans and a shirt, I feel fine, but last night I couldn’t help but think everyone was snickering about my appearance. I haven’t felt that uncomfortable in a long time and it was a horrible feeling. I’m sure I was just being paranoid but I hated walking through the crowds of people thinking they were talking about me.

AND, to make matters worse, I weighed in this morning and I gained! I’m so tired of all the back and forth. There are days when I just want to say f*ck it, and just do whatever I want. These are temporary feelings and I know I won’t go down that route but man, it’s so damn hard to achieve my goals.

Losing weight is a struggle!


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