Back on the WW program

I posted this by mistake the other day…only had two sentences typed out, oops!

Weight Watchers

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Hello! Remember when I mentioned possibly signing up for Weight Watchers again? Well, I did it. I took advantage of a deal they were having, 3 months for $39.92. After the three months is over, if I choose to continue, it will be $19.95 per month. I chose to do the internet program, Weight Watchers Online Plus, since it’s cheaper and I don’t have to fit meetings into my schedule each week.

I’m wrapping up my first full week and it’s gone well. I’m recovering from a slight cold so I didn’t get to work out as much this week, which means I didn’t get to earn as many activity points as I normally would have. I did lose 2lbs when I weighed in on Monday so that’s a plus.

Couch to 5k


I started the Couch to 5k running program (again) and so far I’m kicking ass. While it’s only been two weeks, when I attempted this program previously, I don’t think I got past week 1. I actually look forward to running when I get to the gym! I want to do some of the runs outside so I may try to do at least one a week outside. The treadmill does get boring after a while. I made a new running playlist on Wednesday but since I got sick I haven’t been able to test it out. Today will be the day!

Other life happenings…

My boyfriend recently came back from Hawaii and now I have a goal to visit either next year for my birthday or the following year. Either way, I’m going to make it happen. The pictures he showed me were beautiful and I can’t wait to take a trip there. If I can’t find someone to go with me I will just have to go by myself. But honestly, who wouldn’t want a chance to go to Hawaii?

It’s funny, on Facebook the other day, it showed me a status I posted a year ago about wanting to go to Scotland and Ireland and sadly, that still hasn’t happened yet. I wish I could be a professional traveler 🙂

National Coloring Book Day


Tomorrow is National Coloring Book Day, just in case you want to channel your inner child. I’ve already mentioned how addicted I am to this hobby and I don’t see my addiction letting up anytime soon. If you want to start out but don’t want to invest money in a full book, print out some pages from the link above. You can also find coloring pages on Pinterest. Fancy coloring tools aren’t needed, you can have fun with just a pack of colored pencils.

It’s time for lunch, have a great weekend!


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