Review: Reconstructing Amelia: a Novel by Kimberly McCreight


This book was chosen by one of my book clubs but unfortunately I didn’t finish it before the meeting. I ended up skipping the meeting because I didn’t want any spoilers. Anyway, I really enjoyed this book, although I felt there were a few holes left at the end.

Kate Baron is a single mom who is always at work, which leaves her 16 yr. old daughter, Amelia, alone quite often. One night, Kate receives a phone call from Amelia’s school accusing of her of cheating and is told to come pick her up immediately. However, by the time she arrives at the school, Amelia is dead due to a suspected suicide.

Obviously, Kate is torn up with grief because doesn’t understand why Amelia would have done killed herself. Soon after Amelia’s death, Kate receives a text message and it makes her question what really happened the day Amelia died. She starts trying to piece together her daughter’s life so she figure out what was going on in her head.

The narratives switch back and forth between Kate and Amelia, Kate’s mostly in the present, and Amelia’s going back to about a month before she died. There’s a lot of text-message lingo that made me feel a little old. The way things ended up unfolding, it wasn’t a predictable type of story and I was kind of surprised with the ending.

This isn’t a book I would have chosen on my own so I’m glad my book club helped me get out of my comfort zone.


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