First week down!


I’ve completed my first week of the program and I feel good. The first couple days were tough because I wanted all.the.carbs but after that it wasn’t too bad. 

Towards the end of the week, I could definitely tell there was a change in my energy levels. I went to the gym on Sunday morning and had a great workout. Normally I take pre-workout before I go to the gym to help with my energy levels. Obviously pre-workout powder isn’t Whole30 approved but I didn’t even need it. Running wasn’t a problem at all and I still had some energy left after I finished my workout. 

The most surprising thing about all of this is I don’t really miss sugar or dairy. Out of everything that I haven’t been able to have, I think I miss plain bagels the most, lol. That was what I would normally have in the morning once I got to work. 

Even though I originally set out on this journey alone, I was able to get some friends to do it with me. The support has been great, especially during those early days. We are also blogging on a private blog, sharing meals, and updates on how everything is going.

I should have spent today prepping for the week but you know what I did instead? Colored, watched NCIS, and finished reading Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls (more on that later). Prep will happen tomorrow after I get home from the gym. 

Hopefully everyone had a nice, relaxing Labor Day!


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