I’ve made it to Day 21

Well, it’s day 21 and while I’ve been doing fine as far as eating compliant foods, I am really ready for this to be over. I’ve been eating the same foods and I’m pretty sick of them. 

Last night I went to a brewery/restaurant to watch the Seahawks/Packers game. I checked the menu from home to make sure there was something I could eat. Ended up ordering Cajun salmon with a plain baked potato and veggies. Well, even though I gave my waitress specific instructions, the kitchen didn’t pay attention. The salmon came covered in a sauce that in pretty sure had butter in it and my baked potato came with butter and sour cream. I scraped everything off but I don’t know if I got everything. That’s the downside of eating out while doing a program like this, you can give all the instructions you want but it doesn’t mean the kitchen/cooks will actually pay attention. 

The last few days I have really wanted something sweet, like cookies or chocolate. Luckily the cravings don’t last long. 

When it comes time to reintroduce foods, I’m not sure what I want to try first. I’m leaning towards bread since that’s what I’ve missed the most. 

As far as physical changes go, I definitely notice a slight change in my body and my pants are a little looser. It feels as though I’ve lost at least 5 or 6 pounds and I hope I’m right. I have no intentions of going back to how I was eating before I started this program, especially knowing the ingredients that are in certain foods. After the holidays I am going to try a Whole60! 


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