I did it!


Made it to day 30! Technically I wasn’t supposed to weigh-in until tomorrow but I won’t be near a scale tomorrow morning so I just did it today. I lost 10.8 lbs! I plan on eating the same way but I’m not going to nitpick about certain ingredients though.

Once I start re-introducing dairy, grains, gluten, and legumes, my body will decide if they’re acceptable or not. The thing I missed the most during this was bread and cheese. I pray my body doesn’t reject those foods because I realllllly don’t want to give them up.

The best thing about this whole program, I don’t really miss sugar. Will I stay away from sugar forever? Probably not. I will have a treat now and then but I don’t have to have it every single day.

I’m proud of myself!

I’m going to try and organize a longer post later once I’ve completed the re-introduction of dairy, gluten, grains, and legumes


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