Hello, December





It’s been a while since I did an actual update post since I haven’t really had too much to write about. Last month was pretty busy and this month will be too, especially now that the holiday season is here. It’s crazy how there’s only one month left in 2015! I say this every year but time really is going by too fast. There are many upcoming events that I am excited about.

The one thing that bugs me about myself is I can’t seem to reach the goals I set, even the little ones. Sometimes I think it’s because I try and do too much when I know it won’t all be possible to get done in one month. Revisiting my November goals, I met a couple but not all of them.

*I still haven’t finished Thinner, Leaner, Stronger and this is mainly because I’ve been reading a ton of other stuff, fiction of course.

*Didn’t get many miles in. I DID get quite a few strength training workouts in though so that’s better than nothing.

*Didn’t even start on cleaning my closet. My closet is a bit overwhelming so that may need to be done one section at a time. I don’t think I could do it all at one time.

Anyway, here’s a recap of last month:

Went to Vegas for my boyfriend’s birthday. I’m not a huge gambler but I did have some luck at the Blackjack table.

My own birthday was on 11/19. I don’t care as much about birthdays as I used to but it’s always nice when I get birthday phone calls and text messages.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and cousins. I was off work from my main job at the Regional Center for 5 days and it was wonderful. I still worked at the library but since those shifts were short, it wasn’t too bad. I also ate way too much that weekend, lol. I know I wasn’t the only one though. Also, I’m not big on Black Friday shopping since I worked retail for 11 years. I bought a few things online but that’s about it.

Also on Thanksgiving Day I did some volunteer service with one of the local groups in my area. My friend Brandie and I delivered pre-packed Thanksgiving meals to many families and the experience was both humbling and heartwarming.

In addition to volunteering, I also did the Mustache Dache Virtual 5k. The packet came with a race bib and fake mustache. I took a quick picture with the mustache after I finished running. You can check it out on my Instagram. The mustache was super itchy.

Books read in November

Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

The Martian by Andy Weir

Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I’m aiming to finish 6 books this month, so far I have one down.

Speaking of reading, we’re coming up on the end of the Pop Sugar 2015 Reading Challenge and out of the 50 categories, I was able to mark off 23. There’s another one next year and I may attempt it but I doubt I’ll make it through the whole list. As long as I get to read, I’ll be happy.

Finally, here’s a super cute video. Even if you hate this song, you can’t help but smile.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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