Happy Valentine’s Day 


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve never been a huge fan of this holiday but I couldn’t help but show off this cute photo of my dog, Roco.

I started my day off this morning with three short workouts on my treadmill. I’m so glad I bought my treadmill and signed up with iFit. There are so many programs and routes to to choose from that I look forward to a different one each time I workout. Right now I’m trying to figure out how I can get in a run or walk in the morning before I go to work. I start work at 6:30am so I’d have to be up and ready to workout no later than 5:15am….that’s rough! I’m a night owl so no matter what time I know I need to wake up in the morning, I can’t ever go to sleep at a decent time. Ha, maybe I should sleep in my workout clothes! Is that even a thing? I should be able to do it at least twice a week.

So, right now it’s February and here in California, I have yet to see El Niño rear it’s ugly head. We had rain one week and then the next week temperatures were in the high 80s. The weather has been so weird this winter that I’m blaming it on my recent allergy outbreak. Normally I don’t have any issued with allergies but this last week they knocked me on my ass. I really do hope we get some real rain soon because I’m tired of this February heat. We have to deal with hot temperatures in Spring and Summer already. Come on Winter, show your face!

Reading Challenge

I’m on track with my challenge! So far I’ve read 8 books this year and I’m on a roll. Last night, I finished Breakable by Tammara Webber last night and I loved it. It’s the second book in the Contours of the Heart series. I read the first book, Easy, back in 2012. I read it in one day, that’s how good it was. After finishing Breakable, I really wanted to know what happened after the story ended. There is a third book, Sweet, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the two main characters in the first two books. I plan on reading it eventually.

As far as my current reads right now, I’m still listening to Alexander Hamilton. I usually only listen to it while I’m driving since when I try to listen at work, because there’s so much historical information, I find myself not fully grasping what is being read. I’m really enjoying the book though! I should have purchased the ebook a while ago when it was $9.99. Now, Amazon has it priced at $12.99, bah! Oh well.

My other current reads:

The Frozen Dead — (yes, I know I was reading this a while ago, but it’s been a slow read. I tried the audiobook and the narrator did a horrendous French and Swiss accent).

The Fiery Cross — I am loving this series. I started watching the Outlander TV series, and man, do Jamie and Claire have some great chemistry! I am finishing up season 1 and need to figure out how I can access Starz so I can be ready when season 2 starts.

I have to start Big Little Lies soon since I have a bookclub meeting in a couple weeks. I also have several ebooks checked out from San Francisco Public Library so I need to get those read before they have to be returned.

Anyway, I’m off to the gym now. It’s leg day, my favorite.

Enjoy your the rest of your Sunday!




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