Spring is here 


Spring is officially here. Thanks for nothing El Niño! 😝

Things have been a bit crazy over here. I leave for Florida next Saturday, work at the library has been busy since I’ve been assigned to multiple passport appointments each week, and to top it off, my pup has to have a tooth removed! Poor guy.

Other than prepping for my Disney World trip, I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been trying to get in more miles each day, either during my breaks at work or on my treadmill when I get home. There are some days when I don’t want to do anything, especially on the days when I don’t get off until 8pm. On those days, I need to try and get in just 30 minutes of activity.

As far as reading, I finally finished The Frozen Dead a few days ago. I didn’t do a review on it though. The story was just ok but I thought the ending was lame. I found myself more interested in the characters’ side stories. The author, Bernard Minier, has another book with those characters called, The Circle. I plan on reading it only because I want to know what happens with the characters’ side stories. 

Have you seen any good movies lately? There are so many that I want to see!


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