One down, one to go

Good Morning!

I’ve been up since 3:20 am and I am exhausted! The Tinker Bell 10k was this morning and it started at 5:30am. Disneyland races start super early, probably because they want runners out of the park by the time it is ready to open up at 9:00am. Since I have the half marathon tomorrow I took it very easy during the 10k. Ran a little bit but walked most of it. I think I may have finally figured out my pre-race meal/routine. Instead of eating a ton of carbs at dinner the night before a race, this time I started a few days before. I ate more than my normal amount of carbs and I felt good today.

For the last week I’ve been super nervous about the Pixie Dust challenge since I was worried my legs would be sore from the 10k. Even yesterday, after I picked up my bib at the Expo, I was thinking I must have been crazy to sign up for this. But, as I sit here typing this, I’m happy to say my legs feel great. No soreness. My feet hurt a little but even that isn’t too bad.

Of course, I still need to make it through tomorrow’s race without getting swept 🙂

Here’s my 10k medal:


Happy Saturday!


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