Pixie Dust Challenge: done 

I did it. 19.3 miles total. I don’t think I’ll ever sign up for back-to-back races like this again, I need more time to recover, haha. That being said, even though Disney’s races are super expensive, I definitely appreciate their bling. I love their medals. I’m now going to look for a cute medal holder. Currently all my medals are on my wall with thumb tacks

While I was feeling fine after the 10k yesterday, after the half today, I felt like I’d been hit by a cement truck. But honestly, that’s probably what happens when you don’t get in enough long runs and train properly. I do this to myself alll the time. I’m just happy I finished and didn’t get swept by the dreaded balloon ladies 🙂

I didn’t take the day off from work tomorrow and I know I’ll feel even more sore, but luckily I don’t do much walking at either job.

Happy Sunday!



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