Fun times ahead 


Happy Hump Day 😀

I’ve been MIA lately but only because I haven’t really had too much to blog about. It’s hard to believe the year is more than half over. 

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to July because my nephews will be here visiting for the month. My parents are flying to Georgia to pick them up next week and then they’ll be here until the first week of August. It’s going to be fun and probably a little stressful too. They’re 2 and 6 soo yeah, it will be interesting.  Hope I don’t lose my mind! Just kidding 🙂

I’m taking a week off from work after they arrive and will try and take a couple more days off throughout the month. My mom and I have a few things planned but I need to think of some other activities for them to do. I’m pretty sure my oldest nephew will stay glued to his Nintendo DS is we let him, lol. Not going to happen though. 

I think I may I’ve finally regained control of my eating habits. I’ve been bringing the chicken breast burrito bowl to work for lunch and keeping dinner simple with one of the meals from the Fitgirl’s Guide. I’m still trying to incorporate Intermittent Fasting M-F so I haven’t been eating breakfast. 

As far as exercising goes, I’ve been doing mostly cardio for the last few weeks. Somehow injured my arm and my bicep muscle is sore and feels weak when I lift my arm. I’m anxious to get back to lifting so I’m hoping the pain will reduce over the next few weeks. The great thing about focusing on cardio is I’ve been improving my mile pace. I starting using my Nike+ app again strictly for running so I can track any improvements on my mile times. 

Ohh yeah, I think my BF is going to join a gym! This is exciting for me because now I won’t have to skip workouts on the days I go to visit him after work. He is thinking of joining Fitness 19 and since they don’t have contracts and their month to month fees aren’t too expensive, I’m probably going to join that one too. I still plan on keeping my other gym membership. We don’t plan on doing the same workouts but we will be getting healthy together. 

I’m way ahead of my Goodreads challenge. Last time I checked I was 11 books ahead. My goal is set for 60 and I’ve read 40 so far. Not too shabby. I plan on reading ton during my vacation, I can’t wait. 

The books I’ve read this month :

Heaven and a Earth — Nora Roberts

The Selection — Kiera Cass

Humans of NY Stories — Brandon Stanton

A Breath of Snow and Ashes — Diana Gabaldon

A Coury of Mist and Fury — Sarah J. Maas

Skin Game — Jim Butcher

Scarlet — Marissa Meyer

Face the Fire — Nora Roberts

Enjoy your Wednesday! 


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