It’s Gonna be May

I crack up everytime I see this meme, lol.


It’s been about a month and a half since I last posted, things have been pretty busy. I started a post at the beginning of the month but at the time, I just didn’t have anything to say so I deleted it.

Anyway, here’s the latest…


I passed my six month probation at work on April 2nd and it was a wonderful feeling. I had no doubt I was going to pass but it’s nice to have that confirmation. Things are going great at my library. While the LA County library system is quite large, my particular library is very small. I’ve come to know many of the patrons and often greet them by name every time they come in. I enjoy going to work everyday and there’s always something to do. It’s almost May so right now I’m really busy with preparing for the Summer Reading program as well as weeding all of the children’s and teen books. It’s great because there is always something to do.

Fitness & Nutrition

Wellll, on the fitness side of things, I’ve been doing great! I completed a 6 week RunBet in March and will finish up another one tonight. RunBet is similar to StepBet where instead of having a certain number of steps each day, you run a certain mileage amount each day. The current RunBet I am doing is a little easier than my last one, you just have to run (or walk) for 30 minutes, four times a week, for four weeks. I just have to make sure my pace is at 18 minutes per mile or less. I’ve been averaging 14 minutes so I’m doing ok. I have another half marathon on May 6th so I’m hoping all this extra running will help me improve my time.

I’ve also been going to Orangetheory about three times a week. They recently had an 8 week transformation challenge and while I didn’t come close to winning, I didn’t gain anything! Haha. That’s saying a lot since my eating hasn’t been the greatest. I can’t remember if I mentioned starting Weight Watchers again but I did back in December and I just don’t think it’s the program for me. Yes, they changed the program and allow many more zero point foods but many of the foods I eat are too high in points. I am going to finish out my six month commitment and then I will be canceling. Sucks because I bought this really cute folder to keep all of my meeting materials.

A friend of mine recently gave me a free week of Hello Fresh so I will be trying that out this week. My two meals will be delivered tomorrow. The goal is to use the meals for my lunch so I don’t have the need to go out. It’s funny, I’ll be doing awesome the first half of the week but once Thursday hits, I fall off the wagon. I won’t even mention how much I spent at 7-Eleven in the month of April, lol. I’ve banned myself from there this week so lets see how that goes.


As of right now, I’ve read 24 books for the year. Lately I’ve had all of my library holds come through at the same time so I’ve been reading constantly. My longer commute allows for me to listen to more audiobooks so that’s nice. My current reads are Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara (I’m reading this one with a whole new perspective now that the killer has actually been caught!), Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman, and Sometimes the Wolf by Urban Waite.

I think that is all for now — Happy Sunday!


I tried Orangetheory Fitness

It was awesome. I’ve wanted to try it for a while but just hadn’t made the effort to go to a studio. I ended up meeting my friend Jeni and it was a great workout. It was a fast-paced class so the hour was up before I knew it. 

Since I’ve been in a workout rut, I decided to sign up for 8 classes per month. It’s definitely a splurge for me but I need something to help get me out of this rut. Going two times a week is just enough since my schedule wouldn’t really allow more than that. In addition to Orangetheory, I will continue to run and do strength training. Variety is definitely a must when it comes to my workouts because I get bored fast. 

Anyway, happy Wednesday!

I’ve been MIA

Gooood Morning!

I didn’t realize it had been almost a month since my last post. Oops. 

Things have been pretty busy now that my nephews are in town. I was off from work last week and just hung out with them. It’s been quite entertaining. At 2yrs old and 6yrs old, they’re both full of energy. I give much credit to the parents out there, especially when it comes to meltdowns. Oh my goodness, Ray (the 2yr old), will fall out over the littlest things! It’s funny and frustrating at the same time. 

Even though I’ve been keeping busy with the kids, I’m still getting workouts in. I have an ortho appt for my shoulder next month so I’m mainly just doing cardio and lower body workouts. I miss weights!

In addition to my DietBet, I’m also currently doing a StepBet. I can’t remember what week I’m on but this has kept me moving and making sure I meet my daily steps goals. Playing Pokémon Go has helped too! 

I made a vision board for myself the other day. I’m using it to track my weight and weekly goals. I’ll also wrote a motivational quote each week. It’s super simple right now but I like how it came out. I have a photo of Serena Williams because she is my body inspiration. The paper heart is from my first round of the 28-Day Jumpstart with the Fitgirls Guide. Haha, I tried to blur out my childhood wallpaper. 🙂

On the reading front, I’m still reading a lot. I’m currently 11 books ahead of my Goodreads goal. 

I had to leave Uprooted by Naomi Novik unfinished. I just couldn’t get into the story. There were many good reviews and I really wanted to like it but it just didn’t happen. 

Currently Reading

An Echo of Bone (#7) – Diana Gabaldon — I love the Outlanders series so much I don’t want it to end!

Glass Sword (#2) – Victoria Aveyrd — I enjoyed the first book in this series but have yet to get hooked to the second book. I’m only about 60 pages in so there’s still time. 

Cress (#3) – Marissa Meyer — just started this one but I loved the first two books and I don’t think this one will disappoint. 

Alexander Hamilton — Ron Chernow — I’m embarrassed to say I’m still reading this! The book isn’t boring or anything but I keep getting drawn to my fiction books. I’m aiming to finish this by end of August. 
Have an awesome day, Friday will be here soon!


^^^seriously, lol

So apparently I don’t have as much self-control as I thought. I’ve been doing IF about 4 days a week but am finding myself eating too many non-healthy things during my eating window. If I’m going to do that, IF is kind of pointless. Yes, I’m fasting, but if I’m still going to go over my macros (by a lot), then I’m just sabotaging myself. 

I wasn’t even going to blog about this because I consider it a failure but I need to be honest with myself. My spirits and self-esteem have been very low lately and it’s mainly because of my recent weight gain. I’m afraid to see where I’m at now considering the free-for-all I’ve been allowing the last week and a half. 

Next weigh-in for my dietbet is June 20th. It’s mandatory and while I clearly won’t make the goal for that time period, I’ll at least know the damage I’ve caused. All I can do between now and then is stop allowing myself to eat whatever I want, anytime I want. 

I mentioned before that I have a weakness for sweets. Both of my jobs always have some type of tempting snack on the counter in my office or in the break room. I don’t understand why it is so damn hard for me to pass these up. It’s as if my mind just can’t say no. 

Anyway, even though I won’t make my dietbet goal this month, I’m going to do what I can this next week to get things back on track. 

Everything hasn’t been all bad. I gave up soda for this month and that has been going well. My workouts lately have been mostly cardio. I’m unable to do any heavy lifting right now due to a nagging shoulder injury. So, I’m going to focus on cardio and lower body for now. I can still squat to my heart’s content. I can’t give up. 

Pixie Dust Challenge: done 

I did it. 19.3 miles total. I don’t think I’ll ever sign up for back-to-back races like this again, I need more time to recover, haha. That being said, even though Disney’s races are super expensive, I definitely appreciate their bling. I love their medals. I’m now going to look for a cute medal holder. Currently all my medals are on my wall with thumb tacks

While I was feeling fine after the 10k yesterday, after the half today, I felt like I’d been hit by a cement truck. But honestly, that’s probably what happens when you don’t get in enough long runs and train properly. I do this to myself alll the time. I’m just happy I finished and didn’t get swept by the dreaded balloon ladies 🙂

I didn’t take the day off from work tomorrow and I know I’ll feel even more sore, but luckily I don’t do much walking at either job.

Happy Sunday!




Needed a photo for this post so I decided to use one I took at my friend’s wedding on Saturday. 


It’s now March and El Niño still hasn’t shown up. Where’s all the rain that was promised?? It rained a little bit last night and it’s supposed to rain tonight and Monday but I’m not going to hold my breath. I know other parts of the world have had to deal with some pretty bad weather so I should be thankful but we have been in a drought for so long, relief is needed. Anyway, hopefully we’ll get a good amount of rain over the next couple days.

February Wrap Up

Fitness and health-wise, February went ok, but it definitely could have been better. I wrapped up the first 8 weeks of my strength training program and while I didn’t really lose much weight, I can feel myself getting stronger. As always I’m struggling with my eating so that’s one of the main reasons as to why I didn’t drop many pounds. I recently bought a bag of the Cafe Latte Shakeology from Beach Body and it tastes really good! I’ve had shakeology in the past but never finished the bag. With this flavor, I have no doubt I’ll use the whole bag. I usually just have it for breakfast mixed with ice and milk but sometimes if I skip it for breakfast, or if I have a big breakfast, I’ll drink it for lunch. Each serving has 19g of protein so it’s fine as a meal replacement for me.

I took last week off from strength training and just focused on cardio but will now start the next phase of my strength program for another eight weeks. I’ll also need to get more runs in since my next race is in two months.

As far as reading goes, I rocked it. I finished 6 books and enjoyed all of them. I’m going to aim for 7 books in March, but since I’m still reading two long books that may not happen. We’ll see!

Disney World

Guys, I’m going to Disney World next month! The trip had been mentioned back when I went to visit my brother back in December but it wasn’t made official until last week. Since my sister-in-law’s brother works for Disney, we are getting a decent deal with one of the resort hotels and the park tickets. I’ve been pinning everything I can find and making all types of lists and I’m super excited. I had no idea how much planning was involved in a trip like this. I also didn’t realize there were so many parks! We plan on going to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. The best part of this trip will be seeing the boys’ reactions to all of the different things Disney has to offer. They’re going to have so much fun!

Small dose of randomness

ColourPop — I’m looooving the Ultra Satin Lippies from ColourPop! They’re the matte formula and I can wear it all day without having to worry about it coming off when I eat or drink something. I recently ordered three colors from their site and I want to order more soon. The colors I have right now: Lyin’ King, Panda, and The Rabbit.

Apple Music — I really love the fact I have access to so many awesome albums. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to the Hamilton cast recording, lol.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Tomorrow is the start of another week, make it great!


Carlsbad Half Marathon 



Over the weekend I completed the Carlsbad half marathon and it was my worst race performance ever. My body wasn’t properly fueled and I was drained by mile 3. There were quite a few hills! Because of my lack of energy, I had to walk the rest of the race. I was so disappointed in myself because I didn’t prepare well. I’m placing part of the blame on the fact that I was doing whole30 and couldn’t carbload with pasta like I normally do before a race. I know people have done races while on Whole30 but it just didn’t work for me. I also didn’t eat enough in the days leading up to the race. 

My Whole30 technically ended on Sunday because I ended up eating many non-compliant foods after the race. I was so hungry! I’m not too upset. Even though it’s technically over, I’m still going to finish up until 2/4/16. I know I’m supposed to start over but I’m not going to. My whole reason for doing another round was to get back on track with eating better foods after all of the holiday shenanigans. 

Even though the course kicked my ass, the views along the beach were beautiful! Check this out:



I’m doing this race again next year. I have to. I need to redeem myself! 😀 Also, when I do this race again next year I may try and do the Triple Crown Series, which consists of the Carlsbad Half Marathon, the La Jolla Half Marathon in April, and America’s Finest City Half Marathon in August. It’s a long ways away but I’m a planner. 

Aside from my sucky race performance, I had a wonderful time in Carlsbad. I was able to fully relax after the race on Sunday since I didn’t have to check out of my hotel until Monday afternoon. It was great. 

I have some virtual races coming up:


First Hogwarts Running Club race of the year! 



This is a memorial run for Alan Rickman, also known as Snape, from the Harry Potter movies. He was an avid supporter of libraries and reading and will be truly missed! While there isn’t a medal for this race, the Hogwarts Running Club has set up a t-shirt fundraiser that will benefit Alan Rickman’s beloved charity, Debate Mate

Sometime in February

Piece by Piece

Proceeds from this race will go towards Autism Speaks. I’ll either do the 5k or 10k. I believe my sister-in-law is going to do this one too. She’s actually the one who told me about it. 

I’ll do another post later about what I’m reading, what I want to read next, and what movies I can’t wait to see. Have a good one!