It’s Gonna be May

I crack up everytime I see this meme, lol.


It’s been about a month and a half since I last posted, things have been pretty busy. I started a post at the beginning of the month but at the time, I just didn’t have anything to say so I deleted it.

Anyway, here’s the latest…


I passed my six month probation at work on April 2nd and it was a wonderful feeling. I had no doubt I was going to pass but it’s nice to have that confirmation. Things are going great at my library. While the LA County library system is quite large, my particular library is very small. I’ve come to know many of the patrons and often greet them by name every time they come in. I enjoy going to work everyday and there’s always something to do. It’s almost May so right now I’m really busy with preparing for the Summer Reading program as well as weeding all of the children’s and teen books. It’s great because there is always something to do.

Fitness & Nutrition

Wellll, on the fitness side of things, I’ve been doing great! I completed a 6 week RunBet in March and will finish up another one tonight. RunBet is similar to StepBet where instead of having a certain number of steps each day, you run a certain mileage amount each day. The current RunBet I am doing is a little easier than my last one, you just have to run (or walk) for 30 minutes, four times a week, for four weeks. I just have to make sure my pace is at 18 minutes per mile or less. I’ve been averaging 14 minutes so I’m doing ok. I have another half marathon on May 6th so I’m hoping all this extra running will help me improve my time.

I’ve also been going to Orangetheory about three times a week. They recently had an 8 week transformation challenge and while I didn’t come close to winning, I didn’t gain anything! Haha. That’s saying a lot since my eating hasn’t been the greatest. I can’t remember if I mentioned starting Weight Watchers again but I did back in December and I just don’t think it’s the program for me. Yes, they changed the program and allow many more zero point foods but many of the foods I eat are too high in points. I am going to finish out my six month commitment and then I will be canceling. Sucks because I bought this really cute folder to keep all of my meeting materials.

A friend of mine recently gave me a free week of Hello Fresh so I will be trying that out this week. My two meals will be delivered tomorrow. The goal is to use the meals for my lunch so I don’t have the need to go out. It’s funny, I’ll be doing awesome the first half of the week but once Thursday hits, I fall off the wagon. I won’t even mention how much I spent at 7-Eleven in the month of April, lol. I’ve banned myself from there this week so lets see how that goes.


As of right now, I’ve read 24 books for the year. Lately I’ve had all of my library holds come through at the same time so I’ve been reading constantly. My longer commute allows for me to listen to more audiobooks so that’s nice. My current reads are Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara (I’m reading this one with a whole new perspective now that the killer has actually been caught!), Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman, and Sometimes the Wolf by Urban Waite.

I think that is all for now — Happy Sunday!


Time flies when you’re having fun

**I swear I thought I posted this last week — but clearly I didn’t hit the correct button**

Soo I’m still here! I’ve been terrible at keeping up with at least one post every other week and I can’t even promise I’ll do better, 😆. March is in full swing and things have been pretty busy for me. Work is going great, I love my job. Summer Reading is coming up and this will be my first time organizing for my library. Previously, when I was a Library assistant, all the full-time staff worked on planning and preparing and I just followed their directions. This year will be different since I’m in charge of both children’s and teens but I’m excited.

I’m behind on my reading challenge but should be almost caught up once I finish the three books I’m reading. Since I work with kids a lot I’m trying to read at least one juvenile fiction book per month. I finished Oddity by Sarah Cannon a couple weeks and it was really cute. The main reason I chose to read it was because I loved the cover. I’m currently in the middle of reading The Wishing Spell (Book 1 in The Land of Stories series) by Chris Colfer and it’s ok. I’m having a hard time staying focused on it but I know it’s a popular series for juveniles. After I finish The Wishing Spell, I will be starting Wishtree by Katherine Applegate.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy my Saturday, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Peace out, 2017

There is about an hour until the year is officially over and I’m currently binge watching Blacklist on Netflix. I haven’t really done any kind of partying on New Year’s Eve in a long time and I’m OK with that. I finished a book earlier and plan on watching TV and reading for the rest of the evening. I’m so old!

As far as reading goes, I read 77 books this year. I only tracked a couple children’s books even though I read several per week for story time at my library. For next year’s challenge, I thought about counting every single book I read, including children’s books, just to see how many I’ll read in a year, BUT I feel counting the children’s books is cheating. I just think it would be interesting to see all that I read in one year, children’s books included. Once the 2018 challenge opens up, I’ll decide what to set my number at. Obviously if I include children’s books I will set the number high 🙂 In addition to the Goodreads challenge, I’m doing a few other reading challenges as well. Right now I’m going to try Flourish & Blotts (someone from one of my Facebook groups created this one but I haven’t found a website yet), 26 Books Challenge with Bringing up Burns (I’d saved a prompt for this but I think it was for a previous year, she hasn’t posted the one for 2018 yet), and 2018 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge. More than likely I’ll add one more. My goal for some of the challenge categories is to choose from books I already own — I have enough of them.

There are several goals floating around in my head and eventually I’ll write them out but right now I’m going to enjoy what’s left of 2017 and pray that 2018 is good to me.

Happy New Year!


2018 is coming fast…

I can’t believe there are only 17 days left in 2017. I say this every year but it really does feel like the years are just flying by way too fast. I’m not anywhere near where I want to be weight wise and I actually weigh more now than I did at the beginning of the year! I turned 35 in November and I think it is safe to say my metabolism is definitely slowing down. I’ve gained almost 20lbs since last August and I’m blaming it on my eating habits (obviously) and not exercising enough. I work out at least 3x a week but that isn’t enough because I should be working out at least 5x a week. Recently I saw my doctor and had some blood work done just to rule out any thyroid issues — I had a feeling my thyroid was fine since I didn’t have any of the symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid but I needed to be sure. Anyway, blood work came back fine, I just need to stop eating like crap and exercise more — oh and more WATER.

I recently upgraded my Orangetheory membership to unlimited and it has been awesome. Instead of spreading out 8 classes a month I can take as many as I want! Right now I’m averaging three times a week — usually consecutively due to my schedule — and my body has been getting stronger. Aside from upgrading my OTF membership, I’m also trying Weight Watchers — again. I did internet only a few months ago and pretty much wasted my money since I didn’t lose any weight. This time around I’m doing meetings so unless I want to embarrass myself with weight gain each week, I’ll follow the plan. They recently rolled out a new plan with many foods now being 0 points — eggs, skinless chicken breasts, fish, fruit, and so many more. With so many foods now being 0 points, eating those will help me stay within my points.

Anyway, I’m working on some goals I’d like to meet in 2018 but I’ll post about those later –hopefully, lol.

I’m a Real Librarian Now



Life has been pretty busy since I came back from Chicago. I left two jobs and started a new one! Leaving both of my jobs was hard but totally worth it since now I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do for the last 8 years, work full-time as a librarian. I’ve been at my new job for almost a month and while I have a lot to learn, I’m really enjoying my library branch. My branch gets a lot of regular patrons so I’m currently trying to remember all their names plus the name of our regular volunteers. I’ve always been bad with names soo this is a challenge, lol. But, I’m definitely glad to be at this location and am loving every minute.

As far as my health is concerned, mannnn I’ve been eating terribly and am weigh more than I ever have before. I recently signed up for a nutritionist and she sends me meal plans each week and that helps, but I just want to see results faster. Yes, I know I didn’t gain this weight overnight but I’m impatient. I have been bringing my lunch to work almost everyday because the area I work in doesn’t have many food options near by and I don’t want to waste time driving and lost part of my lunch hour. I think as I continue to bring my lunch and limit the snacking I will see the pounds disappear. Another difference with this job is there aren’t baked goods in our break room everyday. My last two jobs always had food available and me being the sugar addict always had to have some. I’ve started setting mini weekly goals so I’m taking things slowly.

Before I go, just to throw in something about reading, I’m still doing that, of course. I’m currently at 67 books read for this year and still going strong! I have a longer commute these days so audiobooks and podcasts are my best friend.

I’m going to finish watching the Dodgers game now and hopefully they win! Sometimes watching these games stresses me the hell out 😀



Vacation time



Happy September and Happy Labor Day!

I am spending the week with family in Illinois and it has been super relaxing so far. I went to a family BBQ in Gary, IN this afternoon and it was wonderful to see so many family members. Many of them I hadn’t seen since my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary in 2014.

One of the best things about being in the Midwest is it isn’t 100+ degrees outside! When I left California, we were in the middle of a heat advisory, and now there are wildfires burning out of control.

Tomorrow my aunt is taking me to her fitness center so we can both get a workout in. I brought workout clothes with me but wasn’t really going to try too hard to get a workout in so this will be nice. When I go to my grandma’s house later this week, I can walk around her property.

Once I return to California I will really have to buckle down with portions and watching what I eat. Over the last couple months I’ve been bingeing every weekend and it definitely shows on the scale. I wish I could be one of those people who hides their scale but I need to see the number each week just to keep me motivated. I’ve started over so many times, sometimes I wonder why I even bother. Things were going so well during this time last year and now they’re not. But, all I can do is keep trying.

Have a good week!

Struggling but still trying 


So my jump into Whole30 didn’t go well. I have had a few restarts and am honestly thinking about just jumping straight back to Keto which is what I wanted to eventually transition to anyway. 

I’m headed to Georgia for a week and since my sister-in-law is on really good with sticking with our food plans, I don’t think I’ll have too many issues. Of course, the snacks for my nephews will be there but I will just have to pass them up. 

After I get back I need to do more strength training. The plan is to do at least 2x per week for now. 

Anyway, I just wanted to type up a quick update. I am frustrated with myself for my lack of control and will power but know I’m not the only person dealing with this. 

One day at a time.