I’m still here :)

I haven’t posted in a month and I can’t even say it’s because I’ve been crazy busy. I just didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to write about. 

The last several weeks haven’t been too exciting. I had a birthday on 11/19 and while I had to work that day, after work I went to Red Robin and had a non-Keto meal. I’d been debating on if I wanted to do a cheat meal or not and I figured since it was my birthday, I could splurge a little. I ended up getting a burger, fries (their fries are amazing), and a shake. My burger was bunless so my carbs came from the fries and shake. I’m not going to lie, it was absolutely delicious. But, even though it tasted really good, I wish I’d just stuck with a Keto style meal. Ever since that day, I’ve been struggling to get back into Ketosis. The birthday cheat meal led to me allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving and pretty much every day since. 

I’m  disappointed in myself since I’d been doing well and then messed up. That cheat meal turned into a downward spiral. It also doesn’t help that this is the time of year for treats galore. I’m still trying to get back on track and some days I’ll be good during work hours and then I fall apart in the evening. Getting back into low carb is much harder the second time around. I’m seeing that now. 

Anyway, I have gained a few pounds back and I’m going to try and get rid of them again, but my goal for the rest of this month is to try and at least maintain my current weight. I’ve been working out at least three times a week for the last few weeks and that paired with drinking more water, I think it’s a feasible goal. 

2017 is 16 days away! One thing I love the most about the start of a new year is you can start fresh with any aspect of your life. I always have fitness oriented goals but I’m also going to set some personal goals. As far as fitness goes, I won’t be using the Happy Planner Fitness planner this year. Instead I picked up one of their mini planners and I will use that to track exercise, weight, steps, etc. I don’t need to write down food since I already use My Fitness Pal. 

I bought a bunch of fitness stickers from Sweet Kawaii Design on Etsy and I think I’m going to get the MAMBI fitness sticker pack from Michael’s sometime this weekend (they always have coupons) and then I will be all set. Using sticker to motivate myself may sound silly but I love it. 

I plan on doing another six month diet bet in January and since I don’t like losing money, I know I’ll do my best with that. All I can do it keep at it. 

Happy Friday 😀




Happy hump day!
So the month with my nephews flew by! They left yesterday morning with my parents and I miss them already. It was rough at times dealing with the two year old because you never knew if he was going to have a meltdown or not, but I loved having them around. I’m not sure if them coming during the summer will be a yearly thing but I wouldn’t complain if it was. The next time I see them, Damien will be well into the school year and Ray will hopefully be able to say some words. He tries to talk now, but usually I have no idea what he is saying.

Now that the boys are gone, I can get back into a regular gym routine. I didn’t go as much as I could have since I wanted to spend time with the boys in the evening. I don’t get off work until 8 during the week and they’d usually go to bed by 9, 9:30, so I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. I did a lot of evening walks on the treadmill which was fine, but I miss the different machines the gym has to offer. Yesterday I ran for the first time in a couple weeks and it felt great. I used my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 running shoes and thankfully they didn’t hurt my feet like the GTS 16s did. I hope when the 17s come out they address the narrowness issue that I felt at the top of my foot. 

The doctor’s appointment for my shoulder is next week. I’m hoping they’ll give me an MRI since the X-Ray I had a few weeks ago didn’t show anything. Something is wrong because I shouldn’t have this much pain for no reason. 

Anyway, can you believe it’s already August? Haha, new month, new goals right? I’d planned on doing another round of Whole30 this month but instead I’m going to transition to the Keto — short for Ketogenic — diet (low carb, high fat). I don’t like that it’s called a diet since it’s really more of a lifestyle change. I’ve been doing research online and listening to some podcasts (2 Keto Dudes) and I’m excited to try it. Several women in one of my Facebook fitness groups have done very well . I’m at the point where I just want to be able to stick to something long-term. Low carb will be extremely difficult the first couple weeks but I’m prepared for that. My sister-in-law started this week and she’s been keeping me up to date on her symptoms. Best thing for me about this way of eating is I can still eat cheese! My tentative start date is next Monday, 8/8. 

Have a great day! 😀


^^^seriously, lol

So apparently I don’t have as much self-control as I thought. I’ve been doing IF about 4 days a week but am finding myself eating too many non-healthy things during my eating window. If I’m going to do that, IF is kind of pointless. Yes, I’m fasting, but if I’m still going to go over my macros (by a lot), then I’m just sabotaging myself. 

I wasn’t even going to blog about this because I consider it a failure but I need to be honest with myself. My spirits and self-esteem have been very low lately and it’s mainly because of my recent weight gain. I’m afraid to see where I’m at now considering the free-for-all I’ve been allowing the last week and a half. 

Next weigh-in for my dietbet is June 20th. It’s mandatory and while I clearly won’t make the goal for that time period, I’ll at least know the damage I’ve caused. All I can do between now and then is stop allowing myself to eat whatever I want, anytime I want. 

I mentioned before that I have a weakness for sweets. Both of my jobs always have some type of tempting snack on the counter in my office or in the break room. I don’t understand why it is so damn hard for me to pass these up. It’s as if my mind just can’t say no. 

Anyway, even though I won’t make my dietbet goal this month, I’m going to do what I can this next week to get things back on track. 

Everything hasn’t been all bad. I gave up soda for this month and that has been going well. My workouts lately have been mostly cardio. I’m unable to do any heavy lifting right now due to a nagging shoulder injury. So, I’m going to focus on cardio and lower body for now. I can still squat to my heart’s content. I can’t give up. 

Carlsbad Half Marathon 



Over the weekend I completed the Carlsbad half marathon and it was my worst race performance ever. My body wasn’t properly fueled and I was drained by mile 3. There were quite a few hills! Because of my lack of energy, I had to walk the rest of the race. I was so disappointed in myself because I didn’t prepare well. I’m placing part of the blame on the fact that I was doing whole30 and couldn’t carbload with pasta like I normally do before a race. I know people have done races while on Whole30 but it just didn’t work for me. I also didn’t eat enough in the days leading up to the race. 

My Whole30 technically ended on Sunday because I ended up eating many non-compliant foods after the race. I was so hungry! I’m not too upset. Even though it’s technically over, I’m still going to finish up until 2/4/16. I know I’m supposed to start over but I’m not going to. My whole reason for doing another round was to get back on track with eating better foods after all of the holiday shenanigans. 

Even though the course kicked my ass, the views along the beach were beautiful! Check this out:



I’m doing this race again next year. I have to. I need to redeem myself! 😀 Also, when I do this race again next year I may try and do the Triple Crown Series, which consists of the Carlsbad Half Marathon, the La Jolla Half Marathon in April, and America’s Finest City Half Marathon in August. It’s a long ways away but I’m a planner. 

Aside from my sucky race performance, I had a wonderful time in Carlsbad. I was able to fully relax after the race on Sunday since I didn’t have to check out of my hotel until Monday afternoon. It was great. 

I have some virtual races coming up:


First Hogwarts Running Club race of the year! 



This is a memorial run for Alan Rickman, also known as Snape, from the Harry Potter movies. He was an avid supporter of libraries and reading and will be truly missed! While there isn’t a medal for this race, the Hogwarts Running Club has set up a t-shirt fundraiser that will benefit Alan Rickman’s beloved charity, Debate Mate

Sometime in February

Piece by Piece

Proceeds from this race will go towards Autism Speaks. I’ll either do the 5k or 10k. I believe my sister-in-law is going to do this one too. She’s actually the one who told me about it. 

I’ll do another post later about what I’m reading, what I want to read next, and what movies I can’t wait to see. Have a good one!

Day 8 and other ramblings

Hello, Hello

It’s Monday and day 8 of my second round of Whole30. Everyday I ask myself why I am I doing this again? Seriously, this round seems much harder than my first round and I can’t really explain why. During my first round I was super diligent about checking labels and not eating out. This time, I’m still checking labels but I’m not as hesitant about eating out this time. Maybe because I know what I can order and what I can’t? I don’t know. Either way, I can’t wait until I’ve completed the 30 days.

I signed up for a DietBet with my sister-in-law and in order to keep track of how much I have left to lose, I will be weighing myself periodically. Yes, it’s against the rules but I don’t want to lose my money (again) so I’m willing to make this sacrifice. This particular DietBet has 11,825 players! I’ve lost the two previous DietBets I signed up for so I’m looking forward to NOT losing this one. The fact that I am doing Whole30 should help me out.

While I was in Georgia visiting my brother, I was able to work out several times thanks to their home gym and their kick-ass treadmill (more on that later). It was nice to have someone to workout with since I normally just go to the gym by myself. I actually didn’t eat terribly while I was there. My dad cooked a lot so we didn’t eat out too often. However, I did make sure to visit Cracker Barrel and The Waffle House. The Waffle House was good!

Now, the treadmill my SIL has is just awesome. It’s a Nordictrack X9i and the features are amazing! It goes up to 40% incline and -6% decline, you can pick different routes to run and the treadmill will adjust accordingly, workouts with Jillian Michaels, and so much more. I did a run one night and chose a route on Mt. Rainier. It was awesome. I loved this treadmill so much that I plan on getting one for my house, eventually. Perfect for doing HIIT at home.

As far as my latest workouts, I finished my first week of the Thinner, Leaner, Stronger program and will be starting week 2 after I get off work tonight. I like the fact that it’s using barbell and dumbbells versus weight machines because I feel like I get a better workout. Right now I’m lifting 3x/wk and trying to get in cardio 3x/wk as well. My SIL is doing the program with me and it’s great having her support.

Other Ramblings

*I finally watched Mockingjay, Part 1 last night — it was pretty good and now I can’t wait to watch part 2.

*I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl. I’m trying to catch up so I can watch the current season. Right now I’m on season 2. Schmidt is my favorite.

*Carlsbad half marathon this weekend! I’m a little nervous since it’s been a while since my last half was back in October 2014.

*If you haven’t watched Jessica Jones on Netflix, check it out. The show was really good.

*I’m currently reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier, Humans of New York: Stories.

Have a great night!



2016…I’m ready for you 



I hope you all had a nice holiday. I’m currently in Georgia visiting my brother and his family, having a great time. Ironically, the weather here is better than the weather back home in California. I’ve been told it’s been as low as 34 degrees! It’s been about 70 here in GA. Gloomy and rainy at this times. While I’m looking forward to going home, I’m not looking forward to the cold. 

It’s the last day of 2015! I say this every year but time went by way too fast. I have great memories or 2015 and look forward to making more in 2016. 

Of course with the start of a new year, I like to set goals –haha, like many people. Some of my goals for 2016 include:

• continuing with my debt snowball — still have quite a way to go with that 

• logging more miles

• reaching my daily water goals –I continue to struggle with this. 

• cleaning my room using the KonMari method — I’ve been saying I need to do this for a long time but have been procrastinating

First race of 2016


My first race of 2016 is the Carlsbad Half Marathon. It’s going to be so cold! Normally I don’t like wearing a jacket at the start of a race because I warm up quickly but if this cold weather keeps up, I’ll have to get a throw away sweatshirt or something. I’ve heard the views along the course are beautiful, can’t wait to experience them. I’ll be running it with my friend, Amber. 

1,000 miles challenge 


Yep, 1,000 miles in one year. I wanted to do a similar challenge last year but the thought of logging 1,000 miles in a year intimidated me. Decided to just do it this year and think small goals. 1,000 miles in 366 days is roughly 2.74 miles per day. Totally doable! I’ll be walking and running. If you want to sign up, here’s my referral link

2015 Goodreads Challenge

Done! My goal was 43 books and I read 46. Not sure what I’ll set my 2016 goal at yet, probably 50. Maybe 55. Or hell, maybe I’ll be adventurous and say 75! Haha. 



I will be doing another round of Whole30 starting January 4, 2016. I enjoyed the holidays and all the wonderful food but now it’s time to get back to reality. I did well during my first round of Whole30 back in September but ended up regressing and going back to bad habits. I’m not perfect. I hope to do well again this round and stick with some of the eating habits. This time around I’m doing it with friends and one of my Facebook groups. There have been wonderful meal ideas already so I’ll be prepping for that once I get back to California. 

Ok, I’m headed to the airport. Long day of traveling ahead. Happy New Year’s Eve!

28 Day Jumpstart

Happy Monday!

Long day ahead but that’s fine with me. Over the weekend I had a chance to FaceTime with my brother and his family AND see another video of my nephew, who is awesomely adorable. As of today he is 9 months and learning something new everyday. I’m looking forward to seeing him in June when he comes to California to celebrate his first birthday.







Ok, so today is Day 1 of the 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge I am doing it with my friends Jamila and Tina, as well as thousands of other women (and some men) around the world. I ended up purchasing both the 28 Day Jumpstart as well as the Fitkini Body Challenge  (I plan on doing the Fitkini Body Challenge later this year) from fitgirlsguide.com. I’ve follwed the ladies of Fit Girl’s guide on Instagram for a while but have never participated in their challenges. They make the whole challenge fun and you even have the chance to win prizes.

As I mentioned on Friday, my main goal for the next 4 weeks is to focus on eating healthier meals. The awesome thing about this challenge is they give you meal ideas for each week and a shopping list of what you will need. Sometimes, it’s better for me when there is absolutely no guessing involved. Having everything written out for me is definitely a plus.

I took my before photos yesterday and will do measurements later today since I didn’t have my measuring tape last night. In addition to the photos, it was recommended I decorate a heart with some Fit Goals.

Here’s my heart:








I’ve been browsing the #28dayjumpstart hashtag on Instagram and the amount of support everyone is showing each other is amazing. I actually created a new fitness Instagram for this challenge and so I can post any fitness related pics and quotes without feeling as though I’m annoying the followers on my main Instagram account. I know I shouldn’t care but I understand that not everyone is in the same frame of mind as me and they may not care to hear about how awesome my last run was or how my strength is improving, lol. To each is own, right?

I’ll try to do a recap at the end of each week.

Enjoy your day!