Whole30 in June



So I’ve been pretty out of control with my sugar intake lately so I decided to try another round of Whole30 next month. It’s very similar to the Ketogenic diet so I know I can be successful. My last attempt was back in January 2016 and that one ended on January 15th after my disastrous Carlsbad half marathon. I don’t have any races scheduled for June so I don’t have to worry about having enough fuel for the race ūüėÉ. I have recruited some friends to do this with me as well as my sister-in-law. I want to be successful but I know it will be tough. Either way, something needs to be done because I’ve gained back the weight I previously lost! Haha, I frustrate myself.

Anyway, just wanted to type up this quick post. Happy hump day!


Day 8 and other ramblings

Hello, Hello

It’s Monday and day 8 of my second round of Whole30. Everyday I ask myself why I am I doing this again? Seriously, this round seems much harder than my first round and I can’t really explain why. During my first round I was super diligent about checking labels and not eating out. This time, I’m still checking labels but I’m not as hesitant about eating out this time. Maybe because I know what I can order and what I can’t? I don’t know. Either way, I can’t wait until I’ve completed the 30 days.

I signed up for a DietBet with my sister-in-law and in order to keep track of how much I have left to lose, I will be weighing myself periodically. Yes, it’s against the rules but I don’t want to lose my money (again) so I’m willing to make this sacrifice. This particular DietBet has 11,825 players! I’ve lost the two previous DietBets I signed up for so I’m looking forward to NOT losing this one. The fact that I am doing Whole30 should help me out.

While I was in Georgia visiting my brother, I was able to work out several times thanks to their home gym and their kick-ass treadmill (more on that later). It was nice to have someone to workout with since I normally just go to the gym by myself. I actually didn’t eat terribly while I was there. My dad cooked a lot so we didn’t eat out too often. However, I did make sure to visit Cracker Barrel and The Waffle House. The Waffle House was good!

Now, the treadmill my SIL has is just awesome. It’s a Nordictrack X9i and the features are amazing! It goes up to 40% incline and -6% decline, you can pick different routes to run and the treadmill will adjust accordingly, workouts with Jillian Michaels, and so much more. I did a run one night and chose a route on Mt. Rainier. It was awesome. I loved this treadmill so much that I plan on getting one for my house, eventually. Perfect for doing HIIT at home.

As far as my latest workouts, I finished my first week of the Thinner, Leaner, Stronger program and will be starting week 2 after I get off work tonight. I like the fact that it’s using barbell and dumbbells versus weight machines¬†because¬†I feel like I get a better workout. Right now I’m lifting 3x/wk and trying to get in cardio 3x/wk as well. My SIL is doing the program with me and it’s great having her support.

Other Ramblings

*I finally watched Mockingjay, Part 1 last night — it was pretty good and now I can’t wait to watch part 2.

*I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl. I’m trying to catch up so I can watch the current season. Right now I’m on season 2. Schmidt is my favorite.

*Carlsbad half marathon this weekend! I’m a little nervous since it’s been a while since my last half was back in October 2014.

*If you haven’t watched Jessica Jones on Netflix, check it out. The show was really good.

*I’m currently reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier, Humans of New York: Stories.

Have a great night!



Whole30 recap, IIFYM, and October Goals


Hello there!

It’s crazy how it’s already October! The last few months of the months of the year are always busy for me with¬†birthdays, holidays, and holiday parties. In years past I’ve been pretty lenient with myself when it came to food. I always used the excuse, “It’s the holidays” and pretty much ate whatever I wanted. That will not be happening this year. I can’t begin to tell you how the round of Whole30 has changed how I look at food. It’s pretty amazing since I never thought I’d be able to get past my sugar addiction.

Whole30 Recap

When I first heard about Whole30, sometime last year, I immediately dismissed it because I didn’t want to have to give up certain foods, especially my beloved pasta and cheese. ¬†Eventually I decided to just do it after reading numerous success stories. The program isn’t solely about weight loss. That is definitely an added benefit but the main focus is to eventually see how certain foods affect your body, both mentally and physically.

The first couple days of the program were tough since I normally would have bread¬†either during breakfast or lunch. I had a bad headache after the first day. Surprisingly enough, as the days went by, thing really weren’t as difficult as I thought they would be. I refused to slip because if I did, I would have to start over. I ended up joining a Whole30 Facebook group and although I mostly just lurked, I did pick up some good tips.

I was able to pass up cake in the break room (multiple times), a birthday snack day, and a birthday lunch to Applebee’s. I could have gone and ordered something light but I didn’t want to put myself in a situation where I might order something that wasn’t compliant, especially since I don’t know what Applebee’s cooks their food in. That was definitely a Non-Scale Victory for me.

My most difficult week was the last week, go figure. I think because I knew I was almost finished, the cravings for bread were that much stronger. Seriously, I hadn’t had any major cravings the first three weeks and then the last week rolls around and all I could think about was a bagel from Starbucks, lol. On Day 30, I met up with a friend for lunch at a local restaurant. I ended up ordering a breakfast but I thought it would just be eggs and some bacon, but no, there was more than that. I misread the meal and it actually came with two pancakes. There’s¬†no way I was going to slip-up on the last day so I asked the waitress if she could pack away the pancakes in a to-go container and she did. I planned on re-introducing gluten first so I was just going to eat the pancakes the following day.

Wellll, after dreaming about those pancakes, when I finally did get a chance to eat them, I was super disappointed. They did not taste good at all. Now, it could have been the fact that they were a day old and just didn’t re-heat well but either way, I didn’t even finish them. I’ve found that many of the foods (especially fast foods) I enjoyed before Whole30 no longer taste the same. Real food just tastes better.

I’m still in the re-introduction phase and but right now I don’t feel as though I have to eat¬†bread all the time. It won’t be a regular part of my meals. I had some peanut butter last night and that didn’t really affect me which is nice since I like peanut butter. Beans still need to be re-introduced and I really hope those don’t affect me because I love getting black beans in my Chipotle burrito bowls.

If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)

Ahh, macros. I tried this once before but I did a half-assed job so it didn’t really work out in my favor. I’ve decided to try this out for at least a month or two. The notion is that you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your number. I got my numbers for my protein, carbs, and fat using the calculator on iifym.com¬†and I downloaded the app Macros+ so I can keep track. Normally I’d just use My Fitness Pal but now they want to charge for per month for that type of service and I don’t want to pay that. Even though you can technically eat what you want, I don’t plan on going crazy. I really want to stick close to how I was eating when I did Whole30. I’m looking into getting some Paleo cookbooks since Paleo is pretty similar to Whole30. I currently follow Julie at PaleoOMG and I can’t want to get her cookbook. The other Paleo cookbook I have is Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo.

October Goals

Here are my goals for the month:

*Do not gain back the weight lost during Whole30

*Make a couple extra payments towards credit card and student loans

*Finish Pretty Baby, Drums of Autumn, and Lair of Dreams (I’m really lagging)

*Light my fall scented candles every night

*Finish C25K — I haven’t been as consistent and should be on week 7 but may need to repeat weeks 5 and 6 again. Maybe.

*Clean off my desk and try to keep it clean.

*Gym/workout at least 3x/wk

*Limit Starbucks to 1x/wk

That’s about it for now! ūüôā

I did it!


Made it to day 30! Technically I wasn’t supposed to weigh-in until tomorrow but I won’t be near a scale tomorrow morning so I just did it today. I lost 10.8 lbs! I plan on eating the same way but I’m not going to nitpick about certain ingredients though.

Once I start re-introducing dairy, grains, gluten, and legumes, my body will decide if they’re acceptable or not. The thing I missed the most during this was bread and cheese. I pray my body doesn’t reject those foods because I realllllly don’t want to give them up.

The best thing about this whole program, I don’t really miss sugar. Will I stay away from sugar forever? Probably not. I will have a treat now and then but I don’t have to have it every single day.

I’m proud of myself!

I’m going to try and organize a longer post later once I’ve completed the re-introduction of dairy, gluten, grains, and legumes

Fall is finally here :-)

My favorite season is here! I¬†have been looking forward to Fall ever since Summer started. How terrible is that? Some of the many reasons I love this season…

  • My birthday
  • Cooler temperatures…..hopefully! In Southern CA, you never know what you’re going to get
  • Thanksgiving
  • Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!
  • Fall TV
  • Football (I know this technically started in Summer, but most of the season is during the Fall)
  • New Fall candles from Bath & Body Works

On another note, I have 7 days left of Whole30! Today in particular my sugar cravings have been strong but I think it’s because I haven’t been in the best mood. Just goes to show how emotionally attached I was to sugar. The re-introduction phase will be interesting. I’m seriously hoping my body doesn’t hate bread and cheese because those are the two things I¬†miss the most. Oddly enough I don’t really miss sugar all that much. It will be nice to have a little dessert every once in a while but I don’t have to have it every single day, I know that now. Once I finish the program I will report back with a final update as well as measurements.

As far as reading, I just finished Voyager, the 3rd book in the Outlander series. I absolutely love the series. I’ve listened to a majority of the books and the narrator, Davina Porter, is excellent. Today I started the 4th book, Drums of Autumn. I’m also reading Lair of Dreams¬†by Libba Bray¬†and Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica.

That’s all I have for now!

I’ve made it to Day 21

Well, it’s day 21 and while I’ve been doing fine as far as eating compliant foods, I am really ready for this to be over. I’ve been eating the same foods and I’m pretty sick of them. 

Last night I went to a brewery/restaurant to watch the Seahawks/Packers game. I checked the menu from home to make sure there was something I could eat. Ended up ordering Cajun salmon with a plain baked potato and veggies. Well, even though I gave my waitress specific instructions, the kitchen didn’t pay attention. The salmon came covered in a sauce that in pretty sure had butter in it and my baked potato came with butter and sour cream. I scraped everything off but I don’t know if I got everything. That’s the downside of eating out while doing a program like this, you can give all the instructions you want but it doesn’t mean the kitchen/cooks will actually pay attention. 

The last few days I have really wanted something sweet, like cookies or chocolate. Luckily the cravings don’t last long. 

When it comes time to reintroduce foods, I’m not sure what I want to try first. I’m leaning towards bread since that’s what I’ve missed the most. 

As far as physical changes go, I definitely notice a slight change in my body and my pants are a little looser. It feels as though I’ve lost at least 5 or 6 pounds and I hope I’m right. I have no intentions of going back to how I was eating before I started this program, especially knowing the ingredients that are in certain foods. After the holidays I am going to try a Whole60! 

First week down!


I’ve completed my first week of the program and I feel good. The first couple days were tough because I wanted all.the.carbs but after that it wasn’t too bad. 

Towards the end of the week, I could definitely tell there was a change in my energy levels. I went to the gym on Sunday morning and had a great workout. Normally I take pre-workout before I go to the gym to help with my energy levels. Obviously pre-workout powder isn’t Whole30 approved but I didn’t even need it. Running wasn’t a problem at all and I still had some energy left after I finished my workout. 

The most surprising thing about all of this is I don’t really miss sugar or dairy. Out of everything that I haven’t been able to have, I think I miss plain bagels the most, lol. That was what I would normally have in the morning once I got to work. 

Even though I originally set out on this journey alone, I was able to get some friends to do it with me. The support has been great, especially during those early days. We are also blogging on a private blog, sharing meals, and updates on how everything is going.

I should have spent today prepping for the week but you know what I did instead? Colored, watched NCIS, and finished reading Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls (more on that later). Prep will happen tomorrow after I get home from the gym. 

Hopefully everyone had a nice, relaxing Labor Day!